business email serious enquiries only dokidokiliteratureclubrule34@yandex.com


yoda voice hmmm... aaaah. Going separate ways, your mother and I are.

mmm.. May divorce be with you, Luke. haaaahm. The dog, I will be taking.

Dummy Thicc Pride Flag

From the middle outwards:

Black - Represents the "Black Hole" if you will

White - Represents the bleach that the arsehole is doused with

Brown - Represents the skin and flesh that make up the buttocks

Pink - Represents the undies, and perhaps even other clothes, that may cover this ass up

Lime - Represents Lime Jelly cause this ass be jigglin'

"BANANA SLAMMA", bellows Donkey Kong, finally releasing his gooey Coconut Cream Pie directly into my tight bunghole.

lin -




smoke weed i might.. . !

attempting to slather food in tomato sauce and i ran out of tomato sauce. someone has offered me ketcup, saying it is the same thing. fuck you for confronting me with such an abombinable condiment and with your poor opinions. ketchup won't do.


-me, checking my inbox for the waterfall verification email for the 496th time this hour

go on, goblin site. send me the email. i request for him. i herald him from the heavens. "he is coming", i tell my children before i pass. they await his arrival. the verification. i've sent for him. I've sent smoke signals. surely, he will come. he always has before. but, i realise as i close my eyes for one final time, does it matter? i won't ever know, thus it will have no use to me. my whole life's purpose. useless. i reflect on this as i fall away from this world.